Get The Kids Involved In Housework

Now that your children are spending all their time at home this is a great time to assign chores for them to do.  This will teach them life skills for when they are older and leave the nest.  It also can give them more structure to their days and learn how to keep a tidy house.

The following are some housework tasks they can learn.

While you are eating more meals at home have them learn to clean the dirty dishes.  Depending on the ages of your kids they might already know how to rinse dishes and put them in the dishwasher – now you can teach them how to run the cycle of the dishwasher.  When the dishes are clean you can have two of them empty the dishwasher and put the dishes etc. away teaching them teamwork.

Also you can teach them to wipe down the table they eat at and also wipe down the countertops.

This is the perfect time to teach them to organize their things.  You might want to set limits on how many toys and games they can have and teach them to donate the ones they are giving away.  Same is true for their clothes and other items they may have outgrown.  Maybe you will want to tell them about different charitable organizations and let them choose where their things will go to.

Your older kids can learn about how to do laundry and the different settings clothes are washed and dried on.  When the clothes are dry give your toddlers the socks to match up – it’s fun for them and educational as well.

You can also teach housecleaning and disinfecting basics to the older kids.  Have them wipe down areas in the home that get touched a lot like doorknobs, faucets and light switches.  Make sure they know how to wash their hands correctly after doing these chores.

Take the kids outside to do some yard work.  The fresh air is good for them and you can teach them how to water the garden and trim bushes.

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