Arizona is a wonderful state to live in – there are so many places to visit as a day trip and a weekend getaway.  The following are just a few of the many fantastic places Arizona has to offer.

The Grand Canyon National Park – People around the world save for years to afford a trip to the Grand Canyon and you live just a few hours away to one of the most breathtaking places in the world.  The park has so many incredible places to see log in to for more information.

Tombstone – Imagine the 1880s frozen in time, where tough-looking men wearing dusters fit right in. The frontier facades are largely original, the souvenir T-shirts, mugs and refrigerator magnets are not. Still, there is an Old West charm found nowhere else. Learn about pistol and rifle shooting from the Single Action Shooting Society.  Visit the OK Corral and Historama to hear Vincent Price’s dramatic retelling of the shootout. Go see the Bird Cage Theater Museum, a former brothel that has been preserved, not restored. The tattered nature of the museum is as endearing as it is honest. It’s OK when something shows its age.  For more information go to

Prescott- If the United States held an America’s Best Hometown contest; Arizona’s entry would likely be Prescott. It has all the requisites: quaint downtown (Courthouse Square), area committed to adult beverages (Whiskey Row) and exuberant small-town celebrations. The town has charm as well as a more amenable summer climate, when temperatures can be 15-20 degrees cooler than the Valley’s.  From 1881 to 1884, Prescott served as the territorial capitol. It was just enough time to build a governor’s mansion, now part of the Sharlot Hall Museum. Go see what constituted a governor’s home in those days.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park -You’ve seen it on TV and in theaters. You can’t look at the towering rock formations without thinking of John Wayne, cattle drives or insensitive portrayals of Native Americans. But you know what’s even better than seeing Monument Valley on the big screen – seeing it in person.

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