Bonnie Ewell – Doll

Address: American Associates-Tempe
2306 South McClintock Drive Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone: 602.370.3199

Bonnie Ewell-Doll, Designated Broker, CRM

Bonnie Ewell-Doll started part-time writing ads and recruiting. She worked her way through the ranks from answering phone calls and filing to becoming instrumental in relocation, property management and accounting. Bonnie enjoys the more difficult tasks such as the legal issues. She worked for a judge for three years prior to joining the firm. Bonnie has also served on the Grievance Committee on two separate occasions. She is really most concerned with the real broker functions that agents need and expect versus the hands-off ownership far too common in the industry.

Bonnie is also active in the community, especially with regard to charitable causes. She organized numerous golf events and rummage sales for Muscular Dystrophy. She has also donated her time on Global Volunteer Day. Each holiday season, the company adopts a child, family or school and donates money and Christmas presents to the less fortunate.

As a mother of a lovely teen daughter, Chelsea, she understands family values and incorporates those values into her business approach. No wonder the agents feel like family in this organization. Coming to work is fun; its all about the agents. The company is small enough where everyone knows your name, but large enough to make a difference.

Bonnie enjoys sketching, painting, music, gardening, as well as a cool dip now and then in the pool and baseball. As an avid Diamondbacks fan, she recently coordinated a company picnic at Chase Field for the agents and their families. As much as she loves these activities, the vast majority of her time is dedicated to supporting the agents.

She believes in being available 24/7 and can be reached at home or by cell phone any time she is needed. It is the same philosophy that the company started with and will carry it forward for the next 30 years, and then some.

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