Open House Tips

Open House Tips

If you list your property with American Associates, you and your REALTOR will determine the appropriate marketing that will offer the best exposure. Your American Associates REALTOR may recommend your property be held open as part of that marketing strategy.

When your house is to be held open, here are some important tips to keep in mind to ensure your property is market-ready.

Create Curb Appeal. It can be embarrassing, but sometimes buyers will arrive to view a property and leave without even coming inside if the external curb appeal is not what it needs to be. Pull the weeds, plant fresh flowers and make sure your front door is freshly maintained and features attractive hardware. Sweep the front walk.

Clean and Repair. Sometimes as sellers, we are so caught up in living our lives that we don’t look at our own homes as a buyer will. Stop and really look. Imagine that you’re seeing your home for the very first time. If you were a buyer what would your impressions be?

  1. Does the home look sparkling clean?
  2. Can you smell any pet odors?
  3. Does anything need fixing? Even something minor may cause a buyer to think there are bigger problems.
  4. Does the paint need touching up?

De-clutter. Put away your collections. They’re important to you and hold your memories, but a buyer needs to be able to visualize how their possessions will be arranged in the home. Put away things lining the bathroom and kitchen counters.  Put away the kids toys.

De-personalize. Pack the family photos, and other personal items. Buyers need to imagine the house as a neutral canvas, ready to be personalized by them.

Safeguard Your Personal Items. Secure your prescription drugs. Secure your jewelry. Your Prudential American agent will make every effort to safeguard your home during the open house, but it’s extremely difficult to be  everywhere at once.